Svaadhyaay Channel

JCOCO is proud to offer our very own YouTube channel that is setup to share the Svaadhyaay sessions conducted by the great scholars who have graced their presence and shared their knowledge and wisdom at our temple.

The channel will be constantly updated as we go with more lectures and sessions with the ultimate goal to have all lectures (with video recordings) from scholars who have visited our center in the past. For now, the sessions delivered by Girishbhai on Aatma Utthaanano Paayo are available.

Use one of the following ways to view/subscribe to the exclusive YouTube channel offered to JCOCO members :

* Search for “JCOCO Svaadhyaay” channel on
* Alternatively search for any of the following in YouTube: “JCOCO Svaadhyaay” or “Jain Center Of Central Ohio” or “JCOCO Anish Sanghvi”
* Better yet, click the link below:

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